Private Screening

A private screening to brighten up the day!

A private screening is a fantastic way to cheer up your staff or thank a business partner for working with you. You can pick a film suitable for your group from our programme or request an advance screening from our upcoming programme.

The price of an advance screening depends on the size of the auditorium. The No 1 screens in our cinemas are sizeable enough for large-scale business events, while the smaller ones, such as our REX screens, provide the perfect setting for cosy private screenings.

Private screening prices (excluding VAT 10%)

  • Private screening, price starting at                 11€ / seat
  • Private screening, upcoming movie                17€ / seat

Obs! Small groups, minimum of 25 persons can arrange a small private screening at weekdays between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. not having to pay the whole price of the screen (full capacity of seats).*

*ask for a separate offer if arranging a small private screening in Helsinki, in Vaasa or in Seinäjoki

Ask for an offer! (form only in Finnish)

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

You can use this form (link in Finnish) to arrange a private screening for your staff or business partners. Alternatively, you can contact your local BioRex cinema directly to discuss the details in more depth. You can find the contact details of our cinemas and business liaisons here (link in Finnish).

Ask an offer from your own private screening! (the form is available only in Finnish)