Movie Theaters

Silver screen magic almost every day of the year

BioRex’s modern cinemas serve customers at 11 locations around the country. They provide the perfect setting for enjoyable moments with films and successful business events alike. Our cinemas have a total of 48 screens. Seven of them are PLUS screens, in addition to which two REX screens and three PRIME screens are equipped with Dolby Atmos®. Furthermore, six of our cinemas have premium category PLUS seats, which are wider than normal and have more leg and armrest space.

  1. BioRex REDI, Helsinki (5 screens)
  2. BioRex Tripla, Helsinki (6 screens)
  3. BioRex Porvoo (5 screens, PRIME)
  4. BioRex Sveitsi, Hyvinkää (5 screens)
  5. BioRex Riihimäki (2 screens)
  6. BioRex Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna (5 screens, PRIME)
  7. BioRex Seinäjoki (6 screens, PRIME, REX)
  8. BioRex Vaasa (6 screens)
  9. BioRex Pietarsaari (2 screens)
  10. BioRex Kajaani (3 screens)
  11. BioRex Tornio (4 screens)
  12. BioRex Rovaniemi (5 screens)

You can find the contact details for our cinemas in the Contact information section (link in Finnish).