Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House as a big screen experience

Fall brings the amazing Royal Opera House screenings to BioRex movie theaters. Straight from London, the wide repertoire includes 5 titles at spring season 2023 and three titles at fall season 2023.

Opera and balet screenings are available at our movie theaters in Helsinki, Porvoo, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Kajaani, Tornio and at Rovaniemi. 

Ticket sale

Tickets can be bought online and from the BioRex ticket desks under opening hours. Ticket price is 24€ per title. Opera and Balet sreenings can’t be paid with serial, present or with corporate tickets.

Opera and Balet screenings are rating free and do not have specific age limits. When seen with a young person it is up to the parent or an adult to decide is the content suitable for a young person.

Image: (c) The Royal Opera House

ROH fall 2023

Oct 26th I 6 p.m. I 165 min

Dec 7th I 6 p.m. I 200 min

Dec 28th I 6 p.m. I 165 min