Buying or reserving tickets

Buy your tickets in advance in our online shop

We recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance in our online shop. Premiere weekends can be particularly busy and are often sold out. Therefore, the earlier you get your tickets the more likely you can have your preferred seat, and you will also avoid queueing at the theatre.

Buying tickets in our online shop is easy. Start by choosing a film and screening time, then pick your seat from the auditorium map and finally confirm your purchase by making a payment. Once you have paid for your tickets (using either online banking ID or a debit card), you will receive payment confirmation, a receipt and the tickets to your email address. If you have received or bought BioRex serial tickets, gift cards or business tickets, you can use them as payment in our online shop.

Check the age restrictions before buying your tickets

Each film has its specific age rating, always displayed on the film’s description page. If you are a young customer or intend to visit our cinema with a child or a young person, please ensure in advance that all underaged members of your party are old enough to see the film. Films rated K16, K12 or K7 have a maximum margin of three (3) years, which means that children who are three years under an age restriction may see the film when accompanied by an adult. This margin is intended to be used by a guardian or other adult who knows the young person well, after careful consideration. If requested, an underaged individual must show proof of their age by using a picture identity document. NOTE! Films rated K18 may only be viewed by people who are 18 or older.

Ticket reservations are valid for up to four days

Tickets can only be booked through our online shop. This means that our ticket desks do not accept reservations. You can make a reservation if you have a valid user account, so if you have not already done so, you can quickly and easily create one.

You will always receive an email confirmation of your reservations. Reservations are valid for up to four (4) days from booking, but if the screening is less than four (4) days away the reservation is always cancelled 24 hours before the film starts. In other words, tickets cannot be booked for films that begin in less than 24 hours. If you do not pay for your booked tickets in time, they are automatically freed up to other customers. You can pay for your reserved tickets by logging in to your profile in the online shop. 

Returning or changing tickets already paid for

If you have already paid for a ticket and want to return or exchange it for another (e.g. due to illness or a changed schedule), you must return the ticket to the ticket desk of the BioRex cinema where you purchased the ticket from no later than 30 minutes before the screening begins. Tickets that have not been returned will not be refunded or changed later.

Culture vouchers, Epassi, Tyky-Online and other similar payment methods can be used at the cinemas’ ticket desks.

If you want to use culture vouchers or other culture payment cards, you must purchase your ticket at a ticket desk. This is because our online shop only accepts online bank transfers and the most common debit and credit cards as payment options.