Premium services

Premium™ -services

Some days you just crave for a little extra. With Premium services you can add some luxury to your movie experience with a more spacy seat, up the roof sound systems or if you need something to rest your feet at and enjoy the movie as you where home. Our delightful Premium services can be found in our theaters in Helsinki, Porvoo, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Tornio and Rovaniemi.

Premium service prices*


REX™ -auditorium

PRIME™ -auditorium

PLUS™ -auditorium

PLUS™ -auditorium






*Premium service price will be added to the normal ticket price

PRIME™ auditorium

PRIME is an auditorium concept where every aspect of the cinema experience is optimised to the highest level. Each viewer’s seat is wider than normal and Dolby Atmos® makes the events of the film more real through a vividly reproduced soundscape. The perfect cinema experience is completed by 4K laser projection and a 15-metre wide screen.

PLUS™ auditorium

PLUS is an auditorium, where each customer has a wider or a reclining cinema seat, more legroom and, depending on the theatre, a footrest or a side table for added comfort. Depending on the theatre, PLUS auditoriums also offer a wider choice of drinks and food than usual.

PLUS™ seat

With a PLUS seat the customer has access to a wider seat, more legroom and the seats are positioned at an optimal viewing distance from the screen, in the middle of the cinema. The PLUS seats are identified by their golden bronze colour and central location in the auditorium.

REX™ auditorium

REX is the latest premium service we have developed. REX auditoriums are equipped with Dolby Atmos® sound technology and 4K laser projection. In a REX auditorium, each guest has a wider seat, more legroom and a side table for increased comfort. REX also offers a wider range of drinks and food than usual. REX auditoriums are alcohol licensed premises and therefore in some theaters are non permitted for audiences under 18 years.