School Screenings

School Screenings

Movie is a magical way of learning!

We arrange school screenings from movies that are in our repertoire. School screening can be held from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  You can also ask a screening from an older movie that is already retired from the repertoire.

Ypu can order a scgool screening from here! (the form is in Finnish)

What does a school screening cost?

Ticket price 7,50€ per person (including VAT 10%). Teachers can participate free of charge (max. 2 teachers / glass / group). Minimum billing amount is 25 persons and above this are charged as many person have participated.

Learning materials

To make a school screening even more educational, teachers can utilize  learning materials found from site. Every movie doesn’t not necessarily have materials, so please make sure they are available before choosing a movie if you choose to use them in the school screening process.

Red more from:

Prices are valid until further notice.