Reward, thank and encourage with a gift to remember!

Corporate movie vouchers are a perfect gift to motivate or say thanks to the staff for a project gone well. Corporate voucher is  gift that is well remembered and the best part is the recipient of the gift gets to decide the content!

Corporate movie vouchers

(VAT 10% will be added to the prices)

Corporate vouchers are valid 12 months from date of purchase and can be used in all of BioRex movie theatres, into all screenings including 2D, 3D, REX, PRIME and PLUS screens.  Corporate vouchers are not valid into Event Cinema screenings, Balet or Opera screenings).

Corporate voucher prices:

Order amount: 25-199 pieces11,50€ pcs
Order amount: 200-499 pieces10,60€ pcs
Order amount: 500-999 pieces10,30€ pcs
Order amount: 1000- pieces9,90€ pcs

Popcorn & Drink Vouchers

(VAT 14% will be added to the prices)

Popcorn & Drink vouchers are valid 12 months from date of purchase, and they are valid in all BioRex movie theaters. Voucher includes 1,5l popcorn + 0,5 fizzy drink

Order amount 25- pieces6,00€ pcs

Voucher packing service (for extra costs)

(VAT 24% will be added to the prices)

You can pick up your corporate vouchers from the box office of your nearest BioRex movie theatre during opening hours or, if you prefer, we can deliver the tickets packaged through our transport partner. You can order a hassle-free packing service for your tickets or you can pack the tickets yourself.

The tickets are packed in stylish ticket bags and a packing box.

Packing of corporate movie vouchers, over 100 piecesá 0,10€ pcs
Packing of Popcorn & Drink vouchers, over 100 piecesá 0,10€ pcs