Duration: 1h 38min
Genre: Drama

No Love Lost shot to global fame like a shooting star and made millionaires out of its members. Guitarist Tony drank his millions and hasn’t been able to play a chord in years. The guitars have been pawned and no new songs are being written. A message about singer-songwriter Katarina reaches Tony. The singer, who has been sober for a long time, has relapsed into drugs with fatal consequences. Katarina’s teenage daughter Ellie, who has been placed in a family home, contacts Tony to find out about her family background. In the process, she reveals a secret to Tony that could enable No Love Lost to make a comeback and save Tony’s finances. Tony decides to go to the funeral and get to know his daughter enough to get a DNA sample from her to confirm paternity – and gain access to Katarina’s inheritance.




Aurora Studios


Petri Kotwica

Leading roles

Paula Vesala, Marja Packalén, Ville Myllyrinne, Mikko Leppilampi, Mari Perankoski

Show times and tickets

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