Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

Duration: 1h 38min
Genre: Documentary, Music

Mutiny In Heaven is the first fully authorized telling of the history of The Birthday Party, one of underground music’s most notorious and influential bands. Narrated exclusively by the original band members, this film delves deep into a band’s psyche, chronicling how Nick Cave and his school friends startled audiences with their confrontational performances, primal screams, outlaw gothic horror, and anarchic lifestyle. Featuring never-before-seen personal footage from band members, dynamic animation sequences, and jaw-dropping concert clips, the film provides a sweaty, electrifying front-row seat to one of the most legendary live acts in rock history.  

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Cinema Mondo


Ian White

Leading roles

Mick Harvey, Nick Cave, Phill Calvert, Rowland S. Howard, Tracy Pew

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