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MAKE SURE TO HAVE PHOTO ID in hand when coming to see a movie with age limit of 16 or 18!

Remember photo ID

Many horror, action or fantasy films have an age limit of 16 or 18. When screening an age limited movie, we always check ID´s from our younger customers. Because of this young customers should always keep an ID with photo in hand (for example drivers license, passport or official ID card).

Age limits are part of Finnish law

The age restrictions of films and TV programmes warn viewers of content that is harmful to a child’s development. The ratings are not recommendations and do not indicate the age groups that programmes are intended for. Age ratings are based on the Act on Audiovisual Programmes, whose purpose is to protect children.

Returning of tickets

If a young customer is unable to identify their age with an ID including a photo it is possible to return the show ticket by the latest 30 minutes before the show starts. If a customer arrives to the screening right before the show start and is not able the identify their age with acceptable ID we are unfortunately unable to return the ticket. This is due to the fact that there is no possibility to resell the ticket minutes before the screening.

Observe that the 30 minutes time between the returning of the ticket and movie start time is to make it possible to resell the seat capacity to another customer. If ticket is returned couple minutes before the movie begins or after the movie has allready started, the capacity cannot be sold to another customer anymore.

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