Arnold Cautious And The Lucky Stone

Arnold Cautious And The Lucky Stone

Duration: 1h 29min
Genre: Family, Fantasy

Julius, who loves comic books and vampire stories, has a vivid imagination that sometimes worries his parents and his older sister Ilona. Julius is about to start school after the summer and the other family members wonder how Julius’ imagination will fit into the school world. As school begins, Julius meets Arnold Cautious, a man living in an abandoned wooden cabin on the outskirts of town, who introduces himself as a secular vampire. Cautious is disappointed with people, especially adults, and therefore avoids contact with them. His dream has always been to help and teach people. Julius and Cautious become friends. Cautious has his grandmother’s secret recipe book, which contains the recipe for the Lucky Stone. It will make its owner happy. Julius wants to give the stone to his parents to solve their marital problems.




Oy Nordisk Film Finland Ab


Arto Halonen

Leading roles

Maria Ylipää, Mikko Töyssy, Mikko Nousiainen, Emil Paloniemi, Luna Huotari

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