Kyllä Isä Osaa

Kyllä Isä Osaa

Duration: 1h 25min
Genre: Comedy, Red Carpet Festival

The years have passed and the children have flown from the nest to the world… except they haven’t. On the contrary. Jonna and Junnu have been lured back home, with the addition of Jonna’s child, by a house that will soon be empty. The parents, who are of retirement age, are about to move to Spain – as soon as the father can tell his employer that he is quitting his job as a taxi driver. But the father’s plans are changed when his boss buys his taxi company a new vehicle, a luxury Mercedes with all the bells and whistles. His pension, Spain, wife and common sense all vanish as he is left with one obsessive goal: to get behind the wheel of his coveted Mercedes one single time. Eventually his dream comes true, but at a cost. The father discovers he has put the whole family in such dire straits that the only way out is to steal the dead man’s briefcase.




Finnkino Oy Teatterilevitys


Panu Raipia

Leading roles

Vesa Vierikko, Tom Lindholm, Kati Outinen, Tuija Ernamo, Jarno Jokinen

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