Bamse and the Volcano Island

Bamse and the Volcano Island

Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

The classic trio in the Bamse universe; Bamse, Lille Skutt och Skalman, is going on a thrilling adventure to the centre of the earth, (inspired by the classic adventure of Jules Verne; ‘Rejsen til jordens indre’). Their mission is to save the explorer Beanka, who has mysteriously disappeared and seems to be a longlost friend (or even käresta?) of Skalmans. They do not realize that they have a follower though; a shopoholoc cat named Kattja. She is determined to get to their destination – what she believes is a treasure – first. Their expedition include being chased by wolves, spending a night at a spooky hotel, climbing a volcano and finally, maybe finding what they all are searching for. However, the treasure is not always what it seems to be.




Oy Nordisk Film Finland Ab


Christian Ryltenius

Leading roles

Johan Ulveson, Rolf Lassgård, Johan Glans, Sissela Kyle, Rachel Molin

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