Disco Boy

Disco Boy

Duration: 1h 32min
Genre: Drama, War

After a painful journey through Europe, Alex, the Belarusian, joins the Foreign Legion in France and clings to a confused hope of a European identity. Jomo, the Nigerian, fights for the survival and durability of his people in the Niger Delta and is ready to die to defend his ideas. These two young people who are sacrificed and smashed together will, against all odds, meet and their destinies will merge to continue across borders, bodies, life and death…




Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE ry


Giacomo Abbruzzese, Lucas Loubaresse, Manon Garnier, Morgane Aubert-Bourdon

Leading roles

Franz Rogowski, Morr Ndiaye, Laëtitia Ky, Leon Lučev, Matteo Olivetti

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