Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Ever since she was a child, Georgia Nolan has had only one dream: to become a fireman, like her father once was. Unfortunately, in New York City in 1932, women are not allowed to practice this profession.

When the city’s firemen disappear one by one in mysterious fires that burn down the Broadway Theatres to the ground, Georgia sees a golden opportunity. She disguises herself as ‘Joe’, an awkward young man, and joins the team of improvised firemen in charge of stopping the arsonist. Georgia must preserve her false identity at all costs, especially since her father will be in charge of this high-risk investigation. 




SF Studios Oy


Laurent Zeitoun, Theodore Anthony Lee Ty

Leading roles

Dawn Ford, Kenneth Branagh, Laurie Holden, Olivia Cooke, Ryan W. Garcia

Show times and tickets

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