Getaways & Dreams

Getaways & Dreams

Duration: 1h 22min
Genre: Drama, Comedy

During one spring day, nine people dreaming of life or running away from it, plus a dog on the run, either meet, pass or collide on a certain road. Sisters Seija and Sanna are on their way to the airport because Seija is moving to Canada. Silja and Ville are mourning the anniversary of their dead daughter. The comedy duo is off on a tour after a long break, the paramedics are looking forward to a quiz night and Anita is finally ready to scatter the ashes of her deceased loved one in the lake. A strange man hitchhikes along the highway.




Aurora Studios


Kaisa ElRamly

Leading roles

Robert Enckell, Ingela Olsson, Jarkko Pajunen, Dick Idman, Lasse Karkjärvi

Show times and tickets

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