Jope – Just Think for Yourself

Jope – Just Think for Yourself

Duration: 1h 29min
Genre: Documentary

An overweight boy who was a bullied at school grew up to become a beloved comedian, folk artist Jope Ruonansuu. He was a versatile entertainer, but above all an impressionist, able to imitate more than 150 characters from the ruling class. Jope’s journey was a natural extension of the post-war ‘Rillumarei’ -culture. He broke through when the monoculturalism was at its most vibrant and grew in popularity as it began to crumble. With weight loss surgery, Jope sought a healthier life, but also to shed the extra pounds and childhood traumas. After the surgery, he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, but continued to fight, developing a number of different projects, including an anti-bullying campaign together with the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö. The project was to culminate in a joint visit to Syväkangas school, in Jope’s home town of Kemi. Jope passed away before then, but Niinistö kept his promise.




SF Studios Oy


Marko Talli

Leading roles

Timo Koivusalo, Ilkka Vainio, Jope Ruonansuu, Sakari Kuosmanen, Klaus Thomasson

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