The Royal Ballet: Mayerling

The Royal Ballet: Mayerling

Duration: 3h 25min
Genre: Ballet

Inspired by dark and gripping real life events, this Royal Ballet classic depicts the sexual and morbidobsessions of Crown Prince Rudolf leading to the murder-suicide scandal with his mistress Mary Vetsera.The oppressive glamour of the Austro-Hungarian court in the 1880s sets the scene for a suspenseful dramaof psychological and political intrigue as Rudolf fixates on his mortality.Kenneth MacMillan’s 1978 balletremains a masterpiece of storytelling and this revival marks 30years sincethe choreographer’s death.Expect to seeThe Royal Balletat its dramatic finestacross potent ensemblescenes and some of the most daring and emotionally demanding pas de deux in the ballet repertory. 




Storyhill Oy


Koen Kessels

Leading roles

Francesca Hayward, Ryoichi Hirano, Natalia Osipova, Laura Morera, Christina Arestis

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