Witness the Fitness

Witness the Fitness

Duration: 1h 34min
Genre: Comedy

Kerttu is assigned to a gym due to back problems, where it turns out she is a genetic super-talent. Suddenly, she finds herself aiming for an incredible goal: a fitness championship. She is aided by a former genetic prodigy, journeyman bodybuilder Vili, who has lost his purpose in life. The mismatched duo have a lot to learn from each other. Before Kerttu can get into shape for the competition and Vili back on the road to life, both must grow as people and overcome steep prejudices.




SF Studios Oy


Aleksi Delikouras

Leading roles

Mikko Töyssy, Eero Ritala, Iina Kuustonen, Pamela Tola, Katariina Kaitue

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