De dirigent

De dirigent

Duration: 2h 17min

Set in New York, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin in the 1920s, the film tells the story of young Antonia Brico aiming to become an orchestra conductor – and of her brave struggle in the male-dominated music world.

The goals of the talented young woman are questioned, but thanks to her determination, she finally gets to study conducting in Berlin. Antonia Brico will soon be leading Europe’s most important orchestras.

The film also has a connection point to Finland. Jean Sibelius was the only renown composer of the period who approached Brico and invited her to conduct his works in Finland. Brico visited Finland twice after the Second World War. Her trip was organized by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

It is only now that female conductors taking the lead of major orchestras. Finnish Susanna Mälkki was the principal guest conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and widely conducts the most important symphony orchestras in the West. Finnish-Ukrainian conductor Dalia Stasevska is the principal guest conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. More women are entering the profession around the world. This film tells about the first one of female conductors – Antonia Brico.   




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