Die Mucklas – und wie sie zu Pettersson und Findus kamen

Die Mucklas – und wie sie zu Pettersson und Findus kamen

Duration: 1h 22min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family

Mucklas are little creatures that need chaos to live happily. They stay hidden to the human eye but can be smelled once in a while. They are known as housemates of Pettersson and Findus. But before they made themselves at home on the farmyard of the two, they had been living in a nostalgic and chaotic general store for generations. There they could pinch everything they needed and led a joyful life. But when the shopkeeper dies, they have to deal with the new owner – a real fanatic of order and cleanliness. And even worse: an exterminator who sets out to evict his little tenants once and for all. So a group of three little Mucklas, Svunja, Tjorben and Smartö, embarks on a journey to find a new home and save their tribe. In order to overcome the challenges of this adventurous expedition they have to grow into a team first, in keeping with the Mucklas’ motto “Never just I alone, always WE together!   




SF Studios Oy


Ali Samadi Ahadi, Markus Dietrich

Leading roles

Stefan Kurt, Marianne Sägebrecht, Uwe Ochsenknecht, André Jung, Christine Urspruch

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