Laitapuolen hyökkääjä

Laitapuolen hyökkääjä

Genre: Drama

Currently homeless Jarna is in the deepest trouble of his life. Debtors have come to collect old drug debts and Jarna is given 24 hours to pay up, setting off a frantic, amphetamine fueled battle against time. Manic speed, fear of killers on his tail, paranoia and self-loathing over old wrongs eventually lead to a traffic accident. Jarna can no longer escape, his pace slows and he is on the verge of giving up. The moment has come when a near-lifetime of running must come to an end.




Oy Nordisk Film Finland Ab


Aleksi Mäkelä

Leading roles

Severi Saarinen, Tommi Eronen, Katariina Havukainen, Jorma Tommila

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