Tuomion saari

Tuomion saari

Duration: 1h 30min
Genre: Horror

In a remote area, there is an island that is the subject of a horror story about a child who was expelled there after an atrocity. No one believes the child survived the first winter, but legend has it that even today those who go there never return. Twenty-year-old Mia has just experienced shock and disappointment in her relationship, and after hearing the story, she manages to lure a few thrill-seeking friends to join her for a day of boating, camping and exploring the legend of the island. Once on the island, they face their doom one by one.




Kuusan Kino Ky


Keke Soikkeli, Ven­la Var­ha

Leading roles

Konsta Hietanen, Tiina Weckström, Sonja Aiello, Markku Pulli, Elmeri Rantalainen

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